Our Mission: is to be a group that not only supports teens but gives them the skills and knowledge to advise their peers. We encourage our members to listen, help and be supportive towards one another so that may continue to live on. 


Every 78 seconds there is a teenager that attempts suicide and by the time you have finished reading this at least one teen in the world would have killed his or herself. There is a saying It takes a village to raise a child, well then where is village? Truth is, most teens do not have a village. But now they have C-A-S-A, youth support and bereavement group.Unlike many other bereavement and support programs C.A.S.A. creates a place where all teens are welcome regardless of what losses the members have had.

C-A-S-A also has a magazine, meetings, events, and we have a website.  There is a large variety of things that occur at the meetings such as open discussions, guest speakers, snacks, jokes, and games. Teens have a habit of not opening up to adults about their problems; most teens would prefer to talk to people closer to their age. In addition to having support from different counselors we have college students that to volunteer with this program.

There are so many problems that teens are going through, and we might not be able to resolve them all, but for some issues there is a simple solution. We all need to come together regardless of who we are or what our story is we must stop these tragedies. In order to create a village we need the help of everyone. If you made it through being a teen its only right if you help others that are struggling. There are many ways we could use your help and if you are interested please email me at casa4us@aol.com .  We are the village. The change starts with us.